Online Stores

Valley Marketing has a one-stop online store program. With a consultative product selection process, design service, and website development and hosting capability, VMI can create and operate a complete store for any customer. This provides a customer the opportunity to offer logo-imprinted products to their employees or customers, realize the marketing benefits in an exciting, interactive fashion, and then make a profit on the product sold. VMI will order and stock the product, process all online orders, and then ship the product purchased within 24 hours. The customer has total access to the back-end of the store, including all data and receives monthly accountings and profits.

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  • One stop online store concept
  • Work with the client to accomplish product line
  • Create both shopping cart and product mix
  • Establish retail pricing and effective marketing of online store
  • Client can profit from each product sold
  • Complete set-up of online store accomplished by minimum $2,500.00 imprinted product order
  • $100.00/month admin and hosting fee
  • Orders are processed and fulfilled by VMI
  • Complete access for client of all back-end data
  • Monthly accountings and payments to client


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