Administration Services

Valley Marketing is an industry leader in this administrative service capability. Each recognition program needs particular attention and accomplishing effective administration is critical to implementing a smooth, successful program.

Services include, but are not limited to:

•Employee Solicitations: Can be sent to employee's home or work locations.

•Order Forms: Can be returned by each location or the employee can call the toll-free order line 24 hours-a-day, or mail, fax or e-mail their selection to Valley Marketing.

•Product Shipments: Every package will have the employee name, number and location, or any other pertinent information the customer may require. All shipments will be packed to ship by year levels.

•Non-Responder Reports: During the order process, Valley Marketing will be monitoring the orders placed and will periodically notify the company or the employee directly to expedite their order. As the ordering deadline nears, the customer will be notified of who has not placed their order.

•Invoicing: One detailed invoice will be sent after the order has shipped. In addition, Valley Marketing can supply the customer a list of employees and their selection.

•Product Analysis: After each order cycle is complete, a detailed order analysis will be submitted for the customer's review. A follow up meeting will be scheduled to discuss the strengths of the program and identify any weakness that may occur.

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